April Highlights

Hi Guys! 🙂

This month, I have been busy on redecorating my place in my old space. As much as I’ve enjoyed my condo living days, I’ve decided to let that go and sail to better passages. So far, that has been consisting of trugging my eloquent, tan cashmere, bed frame and the rest of my home furnishings back to my family residence. Just imagine two and a quarter flights of stairs and your older brother leading the way up the stairs with your bed and your little sister backseat driving on what step she’s on.

You can sense my horror when all I was wanting was a smooth moving transition and was met with my most prized possession, my bed, be hanging in the balance of these two buffoons. (no offense guys) And did I get it? No. It was as if the moving gods could tell I had a well night rest the night before and needed me to wake up to my worst planned obstacle. But did I get the job done? YES. Did I get a truck last minute with 2 last minute movers? YES. So, the moral of that highlight was being boss, means being scrappy and resourceful.

After I had begrudgingly gotten my things in reasonable spaces, I decided to tackle my next feat: handling my closet! I have no clue how Cary Bradshaw was able to make her closet look like a young woman’s wonderland? But mine looks like a construction site half the time! I put book shelving inside one corner of my closet to place my folded basics and use the other side for hung outer wear and then make sure to sort them by fabrics. You have to understand, my closet is a short, L shaped, walk-in closet. And before you think I’m being OCD for doing this, I did it to utilize space efficiency. Whether you want to sit there and Color code your wardrobe is Your vice, but I’ll do a Hard Pass. Fashion is meant to be enjoyed, not obsessed over after all. 😀

Now your probably wondering what the highlight of that was and that is : a closet will make a woman’s world go round. ❤ It’s my favorite place to think of and is my unfinished masterpiece. Do you guys have a place like that? Or a special keepsake that you would struggle with if without? But overall, I’m mostly settled in. It’s been hard not missing my old hideaway. Living under my own home settings was definitely what I needed after I graduated with my bachelors. Living at home during all of my schooling had made me question my scope in my own life interests. I enjoyed getting used to myself 24/7, which is something most would think is insane in the brain. But I really enjoyed having my own hummingbird vibration flow through my space. It really felt like my place was talking back to me. I don’t know if that would make sense to anyone other than me but I really appreciated the time I had there.

Now, to commemorate my time there, let us all adorne in the beautiful space below:

My bedroom.
Stairway view.
TV View
Kitchen View

Wasn’t that fun? LOL In all seriousness, the highlight I learned was that: this place held me together during times of uncertainty and unforeseen hurdles, but above all else, I came out stronger than before, and for that, I am grateful. I still have moments of melancholy realizing I’m no longer there yet I know that girl is not gone. She just moved to bigger dreams! Overall, I’m not upset over the highlights I had in April. I was definitely annoyed a lot of the month, LOL, but I made sure to laugh along the way. Hopefully you guys had some good highlights too! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite poems:

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