Beauty Bestie Recognition

Hey there beauties & gents!

I wanted to do another beauty bestie recognition for this weeks post. With the holidays in full effect what better way to shine a light on an amazing influencer who enjoys being relevant with her audience while also showing her girly-girl side. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve watched this girls Youtube videos since she started making makeup videos for funs and giggles while admitting she was a makeup user-novice! LOL

All of her videos showcase her shining personality and risk taking style. My beauty bestie I’m talking about is @thepatriciabright!

Since the dawn of my university days, Youtube has been my bread and butter and Patricia Bright’s videos has been on replay since 2010 for me. Her African upbringing on topics such as beauty, relationships, and entrepreneurship have been ones I have grown to appreciate.

Patricia has grown in her content so much and I am so happy to consider myself one of her ‘beautiful people’ in her following base. She first started with reviewing makeup and hair. Then before you knew it, her fashionable sense would make its appearance. Until finally, her business sense took center stage and from there on she took you on a journey with her unique take on what it means to be a wife, mother, and girlfriend on social media trends.

From landing major brand ambassadors like Clinique, Urban Decay and Fenty Beauty, Patricia has even gotten the amazing chance to brush shoulders with celebrities like Rihanna herself, Naomi Campbell and even Mariah Carey! Currently, She’s launched a makeup palette with
@MakeupRevolution, called Revolution with their latest holiday palette!


And is about to expand her beautiful family! Can you believe she’s due on Christmas day?! I sure can. Already parents to a beautiful dotting four-year-old girl Grace, I have my vote on another beautiful girl but either boy or girl would be a joyous occasion for these two!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from Patricia, is that the power in positivity is in her corner and I can’t wait to see what else she will have in store for her online family! Catch up on her latest video down below, where she shares her glam and glitz style on these winter essentials!

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