2020 Sights Ahead

Hey Friends, Remember Me?

I’ve got a lot to fill you guys in on. For starters, my New Year’s entry went well! I landed into January with both feet on the ground and finally got a chance to give myself some time to fall back into routine. I mostly wanted to make sure I wasn’t carrying on too many tasks too early on.

As in, not over predicting myself in work expectations or family obligations so much and try to allow myself to sleep in first, before watching online shows out of boredom. Or making time to reconnect with friends because we noticed the easy going pattern in our friendship and not because we have to meet our once a month quota of social appearances.

So far, I’m not too frustrated with how things have laid out. My skin is even starting to look clearer and that’s always a plus! I guess my strategy for the end of 2019 was to enter 2020 with a high hopes. Like ‘Bang! She really got her ducks in a row.’ Or ‘Boss lady comin thru! AND she says please and thank you.’

I feel like Alicia Keys would be proud of me as I hear her song Superwoman in the background. I hear her song most when I take care of my friends both mentally and spiritually while opening up with my own battles and still having the strength to getting that green in the bank! OKAY, shameless plug, check out her latest hit Underdog now!

I was skeptical on whether I should’ve been full-frontal with my directness in life but I’m so happily relieved to have allowed it to happen. I didn’t put myself on low priority in wants but still know that a little bit of work does make you stronger.

Sometimes the strongest thing to do is allowing a little space for new beginnings to finally take form around you. Hopefully your January has allowed you to put mindful purpose and TLC where it’s needed most. And most importantly it has allow you to see that the months ahead will help you form into a better version of who you already are. ❤

As always,thanks for stopping by and I’ll check back with you guys in February! -xoxo

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