You won’t believe how far I’ve come in my adulting. I adulted enough to do my laundry after work AND reorganized my filing cabinet. I adulted so hard, that I ended up losing the battle when it came to folding the laundry. I still rewarded myself nonetheless with some frozen mango ice cream and got to watch a comics movie. I begrudgingly decided to revive the X-Men franchise by watching X-Men Apocalypse and was reminded of how inferior their movies are to Marvel.

You don’t need to judge because a close comic nerd of mine already did that. I then had to redeem myself by watching the 2011 Thor adaptation to get my Marvel street cred back. But once the typical heroic ending took me to the credits, I decided to devy into Netflix-land and stumbled upon a Will Ferrell produced movie.

Ladies and gents this gurl got her glass of Chardonnay ready because John Sudeikis and Alison Brie took me to dinner with their 2015 film, Sleeping With Other People. This movie gave me flashbacks of my own sexual awakening in my college years and left me walking down memory lane to my unconventional love conquests into womanhood.

Here’s a little teaser into how my evening went with this trailer below.

I found the film was curated at the right time for the new adult audience and I began to relate to the characters attitude about physical relations and their take on boy-friend, girl-friend courtship. The bold decision for the leading characters to deflower each other in the first act, gave me a full frontal view, of what my movie attention-span should expect with the film. It also made sense why these two have a blast from the past meeting in a sex addiction AA meeting. *You read that right.*

I remember my deflowering. I was in my early 20’s and felt like a badass for doing it for me. It wasn’t on a dorm room rooftop but in hotel room. How romantic, I know. But as I look back on the decision, I was glad I had Him to lead the way and got to enjoy myself in the moment unlike these pot headed novices.

Yet let me tell you, making the decision didn’t make it anymore predictable when managing my own feelings and the feelings of the guy I was seeing. The way this movie approached the maturity of two ‘blind lovers, seeing in rose colored glasses’ with their later morals in life helped me accept the fact that not everyone is mature with sleeping with other people even when they Agree to sleep with other people.

John’s character, ‘Jake’ kept the dry humor that I would expect in a guy who had falandered his way in his sex life and Alison’s character ‘Lainey’ made me believe she was actually trying to catch up with her mind And her body. Physical attraction is an interesting mix when two highly intellectual people can read through intentions like these two odd balls.

But when I watched the two try and decrypt one another’s sexual reflexive urges of one another FOR one another, is when I realized the ‘friend-zone,’ is like the bermuda triangle mixed with expected sexual tension.

Sleeping With Other People' Movie Review - Rolling Stone
Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie in ‘Sleeping With Other People

Their characters take you threw the highs and lows in how difficult it is to share a decision of being each other’s girl-friend and boy-friend emotional advisors, while in a world where spending one-one-one time with the opposite sex, can always turn into a sexual faux pas no matter how stail the conversation.

As the movie evolves the two characters story lines begin to blur while giving enough space to allow the viewer to make up their own mind of what type of person both Lainey and Jake are. After a while, you start to see each others friendship grow to the point that when each is dealt with the unexpected, without hesitance, their instincts kick in and they grab hold to one another’s life rafts.

This image below highlights a tender moment in the two’s character development on how their tough work of reinforcing their friendship walls, really pays off and allows them to hold each other emotionally.

Sleeping with Other People' gets dirty, but it's nothing new
John Sudeikis and Alison Brie in ‘Sleeping With Other People’

*Lainey:* ‘Are we in love with each other?. . What are we going to do about it? What do you want to do?. . ‘

*Jake:* ‘Nothing. There’s nothing to do. I love you for free Lainey.

*Lainey:* I love you for free Jake.

It was at this point of the movie that I found the two characters where they had last left one another. Up on the rooftop, overlooking the night skyline, holding each other’s emotions. And this time, they stayed together for each other and not for their bodies. ❤

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