We Made It

Hey there fam! I hope all is well with my house of gem followers. As you can assume, I decided to ring into 2021 quietly for mental and spiritual stability. A lot of shit had been coming left and right in the news and as a collective, I felt it was best to stay in my bubble.

During quarantine, I made room for new love to blossom in my heart in a time where exploring intimate connections was to be done cautiously. I was excited for the new possibility to have someone else tend to my heart and walk in the path with Christ in a new journey together. But after 4 months, I was disheartened to realize that the love shared was just for a season for that person. Maybe I’ll get into more detail about this past love but honestly speaking after having much time to lean on my girlfriends and one-on-one time with God, I’m ready to leave this love story behind in 2020.

January was still to be celebrated because I courageously decided to shed new skin in the new year and pioneer myself in new surroundings with my work life. I left my heavy hitting job working with hospitals billing and coding and walk into an entrepreneurial path of life insurance. Saying that on my platform is still a lot to take in, but I know I made the right choice as my social anxiety was hitting hard while juggling other peoples medical bills and not trying to get too boxed in with the news reminding the public of the growing numbers of this pandemic.

I truly wish everyone is safe and wish you all good health and wealth while we can courageously find our new normal in the aftermath seen and experienced around the world. Just remember we made it. We made it through the tabloid filled year of 2020 and walked the path into 2021 hand-in-hand.

I missed my platform and felt that my inner voice was muted without it. I can’t wait to start new projects and continue to share parts of myself boldly for all who make time to read my stories. Thanks again for supporting this page and know that I don’t take your support for granted! -xoxo

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