For The Culture

Hey Gems!

I’ve been thinking of a nick name for all of my new and current followers and I like the way Gems sounds. So, I hope you guys can get used to it. I hope your February was colorful, meditative and filled with caring love acts. If I’ll be honest, my February was prioritized with touching base with my social friends and balancing new heights at my job. My Green Chef meals have been keeping me occupied in the kitchen while the last three meals made have definitely exceeded my expectations. By the end of this pandemic, I will be a master chef food critic and connoisseur so Gordon Ramsey, step aside.

I have to admit, I was very impressed by this years Black History Month recognition by social media. Every page and ad I came across was well presented in promoting black culture, black activism and feminism. That was such a sigh of relief for me because I felt the buzz of black culture was better held by media and individuals who just wanted to be unapologetically black. Even Facebook was doing a good job LOL. The best part is, is that I got to explore and discover new cinema outlets like All BLK which I’ve enjoyed using. It was refreshing to see a solely black cast and app focused on promoting black actors, screenwriters and directors. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check it out.

Something else I truly enjoyed was not just watching the black female visage be expressed in self love but also the black male persona be vocalized in a positive and equally standing way. This goes for the LGBTQI community as well. For such a long time, those different sexual orientation groups have had to quickly display their voice in the black community with little feedback from the heterosexual crowd. In black communities, that separation has been hard to miss and I pray that as global citizens, we can all help end stigma for the LGBTQI group, not only in the black community but all other ethnic communities.

Looking back on my month of February, I’m not disappointed at all. I got to celebrate Valentines Day with my best friend and with my god daughter. As we filled our faces with cupcakes, laughter and and champagne (minus the child), I realized this Valentines wasn’t bad at all in my book. Unlike this possum. Don’t be like this possum you guys *shaking my head*

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