Hey all you cool cats and kittens!😻

Another month is upon us and here lies another chance to reach a new height unlike last month. After being engulfed with analytics and implementation at my new Life Sales position, I’ve been seeing a lot of blast from the past persona’s I used to be.

The bookworm who studied in her Own, table because I made it known that I had all my books, drinks, headphones and food laid out; the taking notes rigorously in front of the class-chick, who didn’t want to miss a beat of anything and then lastly; the art history student-chick, who always had to sit in the middle of the class because it was far away from the board and professor but perfect to talk to other retail sales friends who just wanted to talk about clothes and jock jokes (we still got our degrees in the end) 🤓.

Yet through all that hysteria and late-night-studying habits, I’m proud that I can say I finally got my business license through life insurance out of all careers and I get to talk to people and still leave them better than I found them.

I no longer have my software engineering advantage in my day-to-day projects but I have an ‘exhale’ response to knowing those ingrained skills are still aware of the techy wireframing that goes on behind the screen of each insurance plate, while, I customize and chat with my customer on taking care of their life-health coverage needs and listen to a their hobbies and life stories.

So in a way, I feel serendipity at my job! (que in Drew Berrymore in Never Been Kissed) 😊But out of that new feeling, I decided to share my most recent find in pretty, blog-retail, sites like lunalifted.com. I enjoy their astrology esthetic while feeling coffee house chic with hashtags to spare. The jewelry is just as talkative as their images and I brought along a discount code! ✨

Share the love with using this code and the Java friends! ☕️🥐

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