Digital Marketing Services

Hi Guys!

I’m Margareth, owner of House of Gem Consulting. I have 5-years of analytics and content experience and am now ready to take on new clients in helping them with their business and online presence!

I’m a marketing consultant conducting research with successful business owners. I’d like to understand the biggest pains and problems that businesses like yours face, and potentially develop solutions to make your business more productive, profitable and successful by solving those problems.

Digital marketing is what I know and love to do! If your looking to get help in increasing your revenue and leads in your market, contact us!

My services include:

  • Campaign Market and Competitive Research
  • Funnel Architecture and Creation
  • Ad Copywriting and Creation
  • Targeting and Custom Audiences
  • Email Follow-Up
  • Ongoing Testing and Optimization
  • Tracking, Analytics and Reporting

If this sounds interesting and something you would like to know more about PLEASE schedule a time with me on my calendar and fill out the questionnaire which will follow. Limited spots available!