January Milestones

Happy End of January!

I’m pretty sure we can all gracefully admit that we are no longer in the ‘New Year New . . . ‘ conversations. Don’t get me wrong, this girl had a GREAT  2018 and being able to celebrate 2019 with my girls was everything out of a Sex and the City moment that I needed. So, after the smoke-machine vision cleared and the strobe lights were turned off, I started to ponder on what I wanted to take with me into 2019.

Strong female relationships; more public service awareness; better connections with close ones; and more adventurous Margareth moments. But something else wanted to come through folks. Margareth was thinking like an entrepreneur in her right mind. Stop the press. Hold the phone. What??

To be fair, a lot of great things had happened and Ms. Margareth had to be reminded of the boss moves she made in 2018. Graduating from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a 3.9 (yes, I’m still annoyed); getting a new big-girl job at a Tech company that encourages leadership roles; going on a ‘Celebration Trip’ with my amazing sisters to Puerto Vallarta; moving out of my African parents house and moving out into the abyss, and finally, Finally, getting into my Master program for IT in Software Engineering at Southern New Hampshire University.

Yeahhhh, I really wanted to hit all those milestones at 25 LOL. So, you can imagine how someone feels when they accomplish so much in that time and then are offered the reset button once January 1st comes around. I don’t know about y’all but this gurl tired. Yes mom, you read that right. Margareth is tired of all the bragging writes I have given you and dad in 2018. I forget I’m 1 of 5 somedays and a lot of personalities are always talking at the dinner table or the group chats or even the video chats we do since we are no longer in the durango on family road trips and are all traveling adults now.

2018 was my milestone year and I want 2019 to be just as meaningful but with less of a rush. Sometimes, when you are used to creating that rollercoaster ride of memories, you can get motion sick. Once I realized I was passed the first week of January and I wasn’t tricked to signing another gym membership or setting my sights for a more ‘clean‘ meal plan again, did I started to see that my conscious mind would dwell on other things.

Once I was able to get past the static noise of January and all the expectations I already subconsciously was setting, was I able to hear myself more clearly. I decided to make week 2 of January as a daily devotional almost. I made my intentions realistic and just asked myself what it is I took from that week. What don’t I want to bring into the next week and what do I want to shine a light on.

I’ll admit folks, it was not easy. It was like being that good dancer out of your friends and instead of showing off after the DJ drops that sick beat, you couldn’t show off  those moves until the next killer song came. And everyone knows that moment may not come again in one night folks!

So as I kept this approach going into week 3, I realized I was focusing my attention on the right things and was able to feel myself in motion. Not just that motion of “things I did in the day’ but that motion you exert when you check in with yourself emotionally, financially, physically, and even spiritually. I’m overjoyed to say ‘Happy End of January’ because it was a welcoming month of devotional intention that allowed me to reset my internal clock. I’m looking at February with a big smile, a big heart and a lot of laughter!




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