February: The Love You Give


So this month had me thinking about a list of things. Firstly, WHY are there 28 days in February and why does it sync with my period cycle???? We already know it’s a month of Black History, a month of Valentines Day and love-y dove-y posts but why did it have to match with my female cycle? Do all women need to be reminded that we bleed together or something??

I got this inkling that social media was also playing along with this because even ads like  Chanel or politically related posts felt so fuzzy and feminist. Anyways LOL, this month my daily meditation was to be open to receiving love. Most who know me, know I never get too worked up about Valentines day. Maybe it’s my Christian background or the fact that Saint Valentine 226 AD, and I just never quite clicked but I can appreciate what he left us; a day to feel like a true Valentine to your significant other.

Valentine’s Day

Declarations of love and affection were taught differently in my household but the gestures and kind words were always welcomed. I grew up with the understanding that a Valentines Day gift is one that comes from a shared memory two souls share together and declare it with their own personal attachments. Flowers, chocolates, a new article of clothing etc.

This is not to downplay the need to show your loved ones and partners the acknowledgement of all they do but in the month of February, I tend to sense this tension from people outside my door who make it feel like we have to keep the plastered happy face because it’s a month of Love *que eye roll.*

As I made this realization, I began to see how the spirit of St. Valentine still lives in the negative. Valentines day shouldn’t only be accepted in the positive but in the negative because loved ones aren’t always here with us in the positive memories but in the sad, negative ones too. It should be okay for people to show their disdain about this month and still have the right to say, ‘I still see love in my own way.’ I was happy with my Valentines day with my significant other, because we spent it just like we wanted. We made time to stop from our busy schedules, meet in New York, have a late-night date, and then we watched the game. 🙂

Loving the Memory

Overall, the month of February has given me Love back. It reminded me that I am love and I come from love and everything I do is through love. Even if it hurts you or gives you moments of sorrow, we do things in the heart of Love.

I’ve seen the love that I radiate with ones around me. In the things I create; the love I send to people with my kind words; my inspirational posts; and my honest responses. When you’re in synchronicity with your art; you feel love. When you are in fellowship or in the presence of close friends; you feel love. When you find the stillness of your mind; you feel love. We all need reminding every now and then, so thanks for reminding us of this Saint Valentine. ❤


2 thoughts on “February: The Love You Give

  1. Raheela James says:

    Interesting, how it coincides with your period. That’s actually really hilarious because so does mine. Don’t know why that happens either. Thank you so much for your interesting thought. Loved it. Raheela


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