Beauty Expert: Michelle Phan

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So, I was sitting on my couch, browsing on my Fire stick after my morning errands, and as I loaded my usual Youtube channels, while sipping my green smoothie, something ran through my mind. What ever happened to Michelle Phan, the Vietnamese American beauty expert from 2006?

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To most readers, this name may not resonate with you, but to blogger veterans in the Youtube content world, Michelle was a groundbreaker in what we know Youtube to be today when it comes to makeup, fantasy makeup looks, collaborations, or fashion content. The terms “beauty guru, Influencer, Vlogger” are terms she helped make popular. I remember going to the Internet to find fun hair style looks and makeup tricks. So when I stumbled upon Youtube, it was a new world.

When I became interested in Youtube, it was mainly looked at as a community of girls who would share their makeup secrets and not get judged for it because the scene at the time was so small and undiscovered. I remember seeing aspiring hairstylists and media enthusiasts create daring videos, funny spoof videos, and even people who wanted to grow their personal hobby into a profession, all put their ideas to life. It was fun and defiantly inspiring to follow and help make creators like JennaMarbles a Youtube star.

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When the Talent Runs Dry

Michelle had such a good public presence and then she had a falling out in the Youtube industry and no one really understood why she would want to walk away from it all. I remember seeing her as a brand campaign ambassador with Youtube and then to see her take a step away from the limelight was something I find brave and com-memorable.

Being a viewer, the benefits I receive from Youtube is pretty awesome. I get to watch media creators talk about their passion, and then these creators are lucky enough to be contacted by companies who want to connect with, you guest it, us, the viewers, and then our creators get the benefit of having a fair exchange in the collaboration. That’s a pretty awesome job in a nutshell, but you don’t see the backend view of what is required before these creators can successfully say “sponsored Ad” on the description box of the videos. There can be a list of requirements and a lot of censoring out of details depending on what type of campaign it can be and as a viewer who just wants to watch their public figure, it can start to bridge a gap between the creator/viewer relationship. So seeing why Michelle took a break and then decided to end her channel uploads with Youtube was sad but understandable in my eyes.

Youtube Reinvented

Don’t get me wrong, the talent on Youtube today is amazing! Desi Perkins – Carli Bybel – Nicole Gurriero – Bubz Beauty – ItsJudyTime – LakiaStar, Jackie Aina – Jamie & Nikki, these are just a few of Youtubers who are definitely doing amazing things with their platform, but most of these creators all would know the name of Michelle Phan and would remanence on the videos she still has for us to view.

She’s defiantly been busy in her time with creating her beauty box business Ipsy and then Thematic, a free peer-to-peer music marketplace that seeks to help content creators find music for their videos while concurrently promoting aspiring musicians. Not only that, but she even has a successful cosmetics line called EM Cosmetics with L’Oreal. 

I’m happy to Michelle Phan’s story didn’t stop at Youtube, because she is a very talent driven business woman and hopefully more girls will stumble on her page and see how her story started. 

Here is her Draw My Life Video still present on Youtube.

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