This weekend, I had time to go through my wardrobe and refresh my closet and as I was getting through last fall’s looks, I started to ponder if anyone else clears out their wardrobe on top of their Spring cleaning tasks.

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As I was clearing out my clothes, I started to reflect back to my high school years in how my mother would get us all ready for the spring cleaning duties. She would go so far as turn on energetic music, just to get my brother and sisters hyped for the next 4 hour ordeal.

This isn’t to deter from the weekend cleaning responsibilities we had to do on the regular basis, but when spring cleaning came, my mom would get excited for the next “project” we could tackle with her. Cleaning the windowsills was the #1 task, and till this day, I can not run from this task. Then, it would be getting the “old-dust, air” out of the house for the new spring season LOL

‘. . . . In With The New’

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I’m pretty sure anyone reading up in till this point can relate to my story time and enjoy that walk down memory lane in my life. And maybe, it even inspired you to reflect on your childhood memory’s for this first day of Spring 🙂 .

Coming into this spring season, I was a little apprehensive of my color choices for my wardrobe. I recycled most of my vibrant colors but didn’t emphasize or follow any “new” trends during this process. I’ve always enjoyed style and style is what moves me to pair colors together and as much as clothing cites give me and everyone else inspiration, I didn’t feel moved to run to the shops for the next fashion ‘look,’ but found myself more inspired in my makeup selection.


I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone in my makeup and have discovered new eyeshadow colors I typically wouldn’t go towards. Some of my new eye looks have included dark green with a smokey eye and vibrant red with some warm coral shades. So when I stopped into Ulta and found ColourPop cosmetics, I instantly gravitated to their new ColourPop Yes, Please shadow palette. The warm oranges and vibrant undertone shades was everything I needed to help elevate my style!

I felt this palette was a great choice for this spring season. The 12 color eye palette retails at $16 on the colorupop.com cite. The Powder is a highly pigmented shadow that applies evenly and feels ultra-velvety and silky.
I can’t wait to show what spring look I come up with, with this eyeshadow palette. If you’r still learning the ropes on what colors work well with one another or don’t know which colors will blend well, I’ve included a video that serves as great tutorial to follow that Colourpop has on their YouTube page.

Another fun thing I enjoy doing to get me inspired for the spring season is getting style inspiration from some of my beauty bloggers. Since I’ve followed them for a while, I know their style is something I would gravitate towards and plus, it feels good to know other girls have the same passion for fashion as I do.

Style Besties ❤

An instagram page I frequent a lot is beauty vixen #thejenniejenkins. I’ve followed Jennie throughout college and first found her in 2010, and back then, she was known as ‘BeautybyJJ’. I have always enjoyed Jennie’s refreshing take on what inspires her in her style. When I came across Jennie on YouTube, she had finished ‘Uni’ and had just moved out of her parents place. She shared small bits of her life with her viewers through makeup looks, hair tutorials, fun weekend vlogs, relationship milestones and kept it real with her audience in her ‘Get to Know Me’ Q.A. videos.

Today, Jennie is an established Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with a supportive following on both her YouTube and Instagram platform. Jennie keeps her videos genuine and funny, as she tackles the latest ‘trends‘ in beauty and fashion, while sharing her social media tips to up-and-coming vloggers who want to follow in her footsteps. Jennie also works with British Management Agencies, BMA, as a model when she’s not taking over the social media world. Since you made it THIS far in the post you might as well take the time to get to know Jennie in her latest video. 🙂 ❤ ❤

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