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*WARNING:Objects May Appear Larger Than Normal*

Have you ever gone to the gym and wondered why so many people are there? It’s not like they all want to be there but make themselves go because this year will be ‘new year – new me‘ or your ex just dumped you and your working on your revenge body.


It’s not like I am hating on these seasonal gym folks but I take my gym sessions pretty seriously. If I’m going to carve time to get myself there and commit to a workout, I want to know that the people I share the gym with will at least let me do my workouts.

I’ve been lifting weights for about 10 years now and I’ve seen A LOT of ‘what the hell‘ moments at the gym. Perfect scenario: I get my waterbottle and fill it up as I scan for a machine, I look down and see the bottle is half full, I look up, set my eyes on the stairstepper and notice no one is there. As I walk in that direction this old lady with sweat bands, (not making this up) cuts in front of me and jumps on the damn machine while continuing to talk on her phone at 3.0 speed. This lady was on the mat trying to work whatever core strength she had left and power walked across the room to the LAST stair machine as I wait my turn in frustration.

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Then, after no avail, I move downstairs to the upper body machines and this older gentlemen, who has pepper grey and black hair, is doing pull downs accross from me and continues to look me dead in the eye as he grunts on each set. I have headphones in trying to drown out the noise yet this guy is clearly on a mission to make eveyone uncomfortable. What am I supposed to do when I’m trying to look away and not hurt myself during my set???

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Yes, Girls Lift

My best stories come from guys noticing me in the free weights section. Most see I have a pretty fit body and after non nonchalantly eye stalking me during my workout, notice I know how to lift. But when they see I can lift more than them, I can see their masculinity seeping from their face and into their dingle berries. If I see you on the leg press and your lifting 180lb and you see me get on after you and can lift twice as you, 360lb, what are you lifting for bro??

It’s not a competition but it’s the most annoying thing to see alpha guys get their feelings hurt when a girl lifts more than them. ‘Sorry I take weight lifting seriously and your here to babe-watch??’ Maybe if you ate one less post workout burrito you would see them gains folks. Some helpful tips I can offer anyone who actually sees these maldacities is take a photo of these fools and post it on social media LOL just kidding . . . . sorta LOL

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Ladies, I know we can be extra but we don’t need to get all sensitive when you see more fit people out fit you at the gym. IT’S NOT A COMPETITION. Bringing your friend to the gym as a workout buddy is great but bringing your friend to the sauna room in a two piece when you don’t have a two piece body is not cool! We poor onlookers should not have to sit in a hot box of steam looking at too much skin just because you feel comfortable with it. There’s a place and a time for that.

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