Visualizing Success For Tomorrow

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This week I decided to sort through my closet, again. Yes, I did a light “spring cleaning” last month but this sort out session was necessary because having your work desk be disorganized does not help with any type of productivity. I even found my favorite missing earrings!

As I got through ruffled papers that were crammed in my desk and rounded up a billion and one bobby pins, I finally saw my clean and organized desk again. I also mad a point to gather up old magazine images and craft paper to use for a vision board.

Clearing The Clutter defines a vision board as a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Most people use vision boards for many different things ex. sales pitch, event planning, craft ideas. I’ve been making vision boards for a while now. My 2018 board was focused on moving with my inner rhythm and helping others see theirs. For 2019 I’m looking to create new opportunities for myself and work towards having new adventures in new sights.

The use of vision boards can be a helpful tool, when, you are wanting to work your way to something, like, a new car, a better couch, a dream vacation, or, a better relationship with food. Vision boards can help you attain your goals better because it serves as a focal reminder to your ambitions.

Based on  the popular book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne,“The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”

There is an actual science that proves that your focused attention can bring about your desired outcome. When you are focusing on a vision, it is physically affecting neural pathways and connections in your brain. These pathways enhance the links between thought and action. Putting a picture to the focused attention can help in attaining that goal.

Defining Your Goal

Take the time to reflect on where you are in life right now. Think of the things you hope to achieve or make more time for and project those feelings with actions. Give yourself a stress-free hour or two to put your board together. If you’re a social butterfly, invite you friends over and make a party out of it. Tools you will want to get are poster board, magazines, glue sticks, paper and pen, sharpies or permanent markers.

Most importantly, you want to have images of things that you gravitate towards. These can be photos, quotes, sayings, or images of places you want to go. Place your vision board where you will see it every day. It should be a visual reminder of what you are hoping to accomplish. Your goal in creating this vision board is to create a visual target of what you are hoping to seek out and having the board placed in an open space will help in achieving your goals.

Staying Committed

Use your board to visualize the process, not just the result. Don’t be taken in by false promises of what a vision board can guarantee. Psychology Today studies have suggested that people who spend more time visualizing and imagining themselves reaching success actually under-perform once the time comes. That means you not only have to visualize your success but make a plan to bring it to life. If you still don’t have time to make a vision board due to your busy life, no need to fear. There’s an app for that.

Subliminal Vision Boards, LLC launched a new Android app that combines the power of subliminal messaging and the manifesting tool of vision boards. The app will enable users to easily visualize their goals, connect emotionally, and manifest their desires into existence. Let me know if you’ve ever done a vision board and what were your thoughts. Remember that you are always in the process of becoming what you are most thinking. Your thoughts are shaping your actions and your actions become what you do and your experiences in life. Focus your attention on the things that serve you and are aligning you with your dreams. 😉

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