Architecture To Real Estate

Your driving down the street and notice a beautiful home catch your eye. The house has a two car garage, 2-story layout with a double door entrance and high ceiling windows. As you continue your drive, you think about how amazing the inside must look but also how much it would take to purchase this house.

As you way the pros and cons on this marvel, you realize that the house may be too ‘modern‘ or may not fit your personal lifestyle. Yet why is that? We as young adults have the ability to seek out the modernity in architecture, while still being realistic in our expectations in home searching within our means.

Architecture To The Rescue

In my experience, architecture has been the one thing that everyone can enjoy looking at and commenting on. The outside of the home gives you a lense into the owner’s world. Whether their car matches the style of the home or even if the landscape, the trees and flowers, give the house a prominent appeal, the design of a home matters if you want to be seen in your neighborhood or if you want to make a quiet presence.

But the real art in architecture, in my opinion, is its ability to create a balance in interior and exterior design. This is shown when you walk into a friends home and you notice how their dark mahogany furniture may blend with a dark blue hue Moroccan carpet. These two styles would generally detract a person but if done well, can be an opportunity for great compatibility.

Art That Connects

It’s not just those aspects that form a design relationship. The design can help glue the home seekers vision together. This can be the personal touch you add to your home with colors you choose or don’t choose to add in your space. The structural design of a building can, and will, combine both art and architecture – and it’s the job of an architect to best decide how they do it.

I’ve always enjoyed using portraits and paintings to open up a space and attract me to a room more than another and in real estate, you can seek out those areas in the design of the exterior as well. Art is anything and everything that’s creative. Both art and architecture are connected in a sense that art is an ocean and architecture is a river that connects to it. Architecture is a small part of art and architects try to combine both to creatively enhance the inside or outside of a structure.

Whether you enjoy the process of flipping a home, building a home, or purchasing an aged home, without art, the architecture is going to look bare so make sure to seek out your personality in your luxury home.

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