Beauty Bestie Recognition

This past week, I took the time to sort out my beauty bag and started thinking of all the great makeup essentials I have. The latest Colorpop, Yes Please Palette, Laura Mercier setting powder, Fenty beauty full coverage foundation etc. And as I got through cleaning my brushes, I reflected on how proud the ladies of the YouTube screen would be of me with how far I’ve come with my makeup skills. From Nicole Guerriero, Desi Perkins, Jennie Jenkins, and ItsJudy’sTime help, my contour skills have been unstoppable.

But I know Miss Jackay, Jackay Jackay, Jackayyyy, would be Really proud. I remember watching Jackie straight out of ‘I talk to people online about beauty’ phase that YouTube had and boyyyy, has she come a long way from her military hairstyle days.

Miss La Bronze James

I gravitated quick to her genuine and tasteful take on being a woman of the service while also admitting she had a glamour and glitz side. The best part, was that she never strayed from being herself even when the beauty community wasn’t ready for real world perspective on how the makeup industry made money from everyday consumers.

Most would say her content had strayed from constructive reviews at one point and became jagged and critical, but after a re-vision in her brand presence, Jackie leveled with her following on where she went wrong on past videos and shared lessons learned on that chapter. Since then, her social media presence has flourished as she re-engaged with her viewers and gave them real talk issues that most don’t get to see behind the YouTube limelight.

Jackie has worked hard to repair and dispel any stigma within the makeup community which has allowed other makeup lovers to speak up about the likes and dislikes of the makeup industry!

Jackie Aina is a professional makeup artist turned YouTube superstar whose passion for content that teaches, inspires, and gives confidence to women of color, has garnered a loyal and thriving fanbase. A bold voice in beauty and fashion, Jackie is known for her insider tips and unapologetic glam—as well as her signature humor, honesty, and message-driven content. Having started her YouTube channel in 2009 out of frustration due to the lack of women of color in the beauty industry, Jackie continues to challenge the standard of beauty, one video at a time.

Her mission: to show both men and women how to not only look good but feel good, everyday. Check out her latest video on YouTube here below. Enjoy!!! ❤

Jackie Aina Youtube

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