Shades of Grey

Hey Sunbeams!

For this month’s topic, I wanted to dig a little deeper in my business analyst experience, in combination with the day-to-day discussions I’ve been doing in the frontlines, as a licensed life insurance agent. For me, 2020 served as a year of closing chapters on the ways of the old and ‘into the new‘ approach on managing my own mental health and having to serve as a guide in working with the publics medical billing and insurance claims.

The steps to getting covered on a life insurance plan has been bleakly explained in the media and employers have tried their best to inform their workers during mandatory work meetings, but, only scratch the surface on retirement plans when many Americans think retirement plans is a stretch of the dollar.

Most young Americans have some form of health insurance but not enough coverage that will help during unexpected life events. My dedication in educating and walking newcomers through the rough areas in funeral planning, while keeping their budget in mind, is what makes me see how my product in the life insurance industry is different than traditional insurance companies. If you want to know more about my product, check out the Lumico package. Being able to answer questions most may feel nervous to address is what makes me see how I have the ability to leave people better than I found them.

The more I was exposed to different definitions of health and health insurance, the more I understood how life insurance is different than government provided coverage options. As I became better versed in some of the expectations that people believe should be a required coverage in health insurance, is also how I found myself brushing up on Greys Anatomy reruns for the shows subliminal approach in educating viewers on the limitations of what healthcare professionals run into and what the life insurance industry moderates for primetime shows on the Shondaland network.

The characters passion and eager approach to medicine amazed me so much because I, like many Americans, thought that doctors had a say in advocating for their patients while their medical board, who mainly sees patient morale through pushing paperwork with patient insurance providers, acted as a sponsor in writing the checks to keeping a hospital running.

But sadly, spotlight syndrome is a real thing and the insurance agents and their affiliates don’t get enough credit for their strategy OFF the field of the operating room, OR. The training, counseling and empathetic approach life agents are made to follow don’t always translate. Yet, the same way that the ‘patient experience’ is pivotal in a hospital or clinic setting, so is a life insurance agents ability to properly educate and advocate for the patient out of the doctor’s office.

The truth to this topic lies in the fact that doctors and insurance department’s work side by side, sometimes micromanaging each other, because they share the same patient and the patients financial limitations in the treatment options available. While some can criticize Grey’s Anatomy’s approach in talking about the social and society “issues” onscreen, a huge part of the casts behavior on the scripted series comes from the limitations a doctor is presented on a patients insurance plan, their administrative, and state-law provisions that are to be followed.

Yes, life insurance isn’t glamourous. It’s, to-the-point, mundane and only offers a standard toolbox for newcomers to the field but the leverage in this industry is that I get to see government protocoled health plans be staged out from a patient who is living in the states temporarily to the patients that need round-the clock care be taught and provided options that will meet their short term or long term needs due to their life adjustment at an affordable cost.

Just like a novice artist 👩‍🎨, the materials is all you need to make the art piece come to form and with life insurance, the peoples stories are the colors and medium, the doctors and nurses serve as the curator and the agent is the illustrator in making sure that the quality care is being given while the primary focus for the healthcare staff is to get the patient back up again.

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