Observation Specialist

Hey Friends! ❤

Yes, I know, I am late for my March check-in. This bountiful month of March I’ve been invested in meeting deadlines I had set 6 months back. Yes, I know, that’s pretty ambitious of me but I use these deadlines to serve as a check point to find good leverage practices. Also, vision boards are fun! 😉

I have to start off by saying that I’m so grateful for where my jobs been able to take me. I feel revigorated and up-tuned and I always have moments to see that throughout my day but I never quite have time to catch my realizations of it and take a moment to gratify that revelation. I feel more relaxed with a mentorship atmosphere and I didn’t think I actually would.


Things accomplished: Enjoyed my off days with my best friend; marathon watched The Mindy Project on Hulu and Charmed on Netflix; celebrated a sister’s birthday; trapezing my way through mildstones and level-up moments at work and then ended the journey at Sunday morning church with my mother and some Easter egg hunts while observing the cutest toddler tantrums and baby laughs.

Yep, I still got it <3.

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