Interior Design VIP

Hey Lovlies!

How’s it goin? I’m pretty perked, thanks for asking 🙂 . I just had a real pow-wow with the gang and have been feeling really refreshed in my catalogue time with myself…You know, my one-on-one time? 😉

As I was sipping on my white-peach sangria and enjoyed the time with the girlfriends, I found myself reminiscing on my other favorite past-times, and I was happy to see my old self com out again in watching interior design videos!

I’ve decided that, while working on a passive income is adventurous, it can also bring out my micromanaging tendencies. So putting my favorite hobbies in focus has been fun to see! So that means don’t forget ‘selfless plug’ to check out House of Gem Consulting to get a one-on-one with me as I help you generate more leads in your real-estate market! Yet before I keep on blabbing, let me tell you about my latest and trendy, interior designer!


I’ve been enjoying my Sunday funtime with this lady, Karin Bohn! She’s inventive, grounded, and relatable, with her team which makes it easier for you to stay tuned with her latest projects.

The elements she takes you with in her designs have been so inventive for me. And I really enjoyed how she got to bring you along with this latest project in episode #144,which was for ME, a genuine ITL take of her day!

I enjoyed how creative and collaborative her tag-team with Karina was and how excited her client was, with the ‘hands-on’ approach she took in finishing this restaurant project on time!

I’ve also enjoyed seeing plant-based decor take the center stage in design and decor lately! And @karin_bohn has been really good to learn with as well! I never feel too gaudy or overzealous in my takes on high scale design and can still enjoy the simple trillings of her design projects come to life.


Whether it be the backsplash of her newly furnished counter-top kitchen, to her most recent plant-wall overlay in this restaurant project, I’ve enjoyed how resourceful she could be with her clients and still make the project fresh and original!

Enjoy following interior design projects? Then check out @karin_bohn’s latest studio project with Down 2 Earth Plant Parlour in British Colombia! Remember to share the love on her page and tell her @african_hershies sent you!

Until next time design squad! -xo ❤

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