Love In Review

Hey Baddies,

So I made time to watch a movie on Hulu this weekend and stumbled across Tyler Perry’s, Nobody’s Fool 2018 movie adaptation. If everyone remembers the trailer for the movie, you would know it has Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, Whoopi Goldberg and fine ass brother, Omari Hardwick ;).

The movie speaks about two sisters who went on their own paths in life. One became a fortune 500 maven in the advertising world while the other came out of incarceration and is trying to get her fresh start. The relationship with their mom, played by Whoopi Goldberg, acts like a looking glass on how these two girls came from the same block and had to be raised by a dysfunctional mother.

But what really captivated me in this movie was the portrayal of Tika Sumpter’s character Danica and her love interests. Without giving too much from the movie Danica, had a rocky relationship in her past and begins to shows feelings for Omari Hardwick’s character, Frank (image on left) while also having a mobile entanglement with Charles, played by actor Mehcad Brooks (image on right).

Nobody’s Fool 2018 Set Images

As the movie progressed, I couldn’t help but have my own reflection of the type of men I had encounters with while trying to maintain my career moves. Danica’s strategy for getting herself where she was in life was well translated in a manner that most would appropriate for modern black women. Headstrong, work driven, and submissive to their wealth status.

It was easy to see how Danica became the top performer in her company as well. Her bold move to win over clients and appeasing way with her boss is what helped her get the six figure income and lifestyle. But when it came to her love life, something didn’t quite sit well with me.

The way she handled her heart and her actions with these two love interests felt jaded to me. From the very beginning, it felt like she gave Charles the benefit of the doubt and wanted to be with the expected partner that looked well on paper. Even though Frank was right down the street from her and always was a gentleman towards her, she subconsciously made him her back up plan and would reciprocate in the innocent flirting. If you’ve watched this movie before, you’ll understand why I said that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my own ‘Charles‘ come into my life. I called my guy Brian 2.0. We both came from black households, both driven in our schooling and choice of tech careers, and both with wants to be a power couple. But I knew deep inside Brian 2.0 wasn’t my long-term kinda guy.

There came a point in the film where Dania’s world flips upside-down and finally lefts her guard down enough to intentionally put the move on Frank. At this point in the movie, I was hopeful that Danica had seen herself in the room and wanted to take on the new beginning with Frank but was abruptly pulled back into reality on how she handles the spontaneous encounter.

Frank looks put out and like a fuck boy and I just was not having it. Even the way he handled himself in the room showed he was like a sad puppy who was hoping to stay with their new found owner. Then I remembered what this movie was trying to show after that scene happened. The black woman taking the lead in a male dominant play of ‘hit it and quit it’. But I could never make a man feel the way he was made to feel by any means of status or opportunity.

Frank had worked so hard to show himself that he had overcome his troubled past and Danica didn’t want to see reminder of her struggle life in their union. The movie goes own to entertain Danica’s sister Tanya played by Tiffany Haddish and through her unconventional ways, she also shows a soft spot towards Frank’s feelings towards her sister.

Being headstrong individuals doesn’t make it easier on both of them and causes a rift of words that grabbed my attention. Frank is up to his last straw and tells Danica that he was just trying ‘to love a girl even if he didn’t meet her ‘List’. And then decides he wants to leave.

Danica looking strung out, says ‘But you just said you loved me.’

Frank: And that’s supposed to make me wanna be with you? That ain’t enough.’

At this point, I felt like the movie had come full circle and gave the viewer the breath of expectation back. I’m not saying that a man needs to reach this point with someone he loves but it was important to me, the viewer, to know that the guy had expressed himself to their finality. Perceptions of black relationships are always lead by a default of identity blockages. These blockages can come from the guys ego or the girls’ expectations. Neither are bad but it’s important to redirect the reason for the misalignment.

As you could expect, Danica needs to redeem herself and make the decision of who she wants to stay with. Frank or Charles and in the end, she makes the right choice. The move came to be a lot more than I was expecting from a Tyler Perry project and didn’t disappoint in the laughs.

I bet you weren’t expecting this critics review from a movie like this were you? Take a look at the trailer below and tell me what you think? Did the cast deliver in their points or was the plot too obvious?

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